I don't know how this happened, but couple of weeks ago, one day, I wanted to check something on amazon.com and was surprised to find that the home page and every subsequent product page is displayed in mobile browser version. Any amazon.com product link I click from other sites, also display in mobile page format. I support HSUS thru their smile.amazon.com and that page also comes as mobile. But when I switch to incognito mode (by the way I use chrome exclusively) pages display as they should. On my other computers, this mobile nonsense doesn't happen.

Called amazon's customer support, their suggestion was to wipe all my cache and cookies. Since this is my office workstation, doing so is very counterproductive for me. So, today, I deleted all amazon url tied cookies. Shut down the browser and restarted it. Still no dice.

Any suggestions I might try to restore the order ?

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