I'm trying to start a Kickstarter project. Kickstarter requires verification through a confirmation email.

I've been through the process several times and I cannot locate the email anywhere in Gmail, including Trash and Spam; and Categories like Promotions and Updates. I've searched for no-reply@kickstarter.com in:all, no_reply@kickstarter.com in:all, kickstarter.com in:all and several others that seemed to make sense. kickstarter.com in:all found the emails that I knew about from my inbox, but not the confirmation emails.

I found an old post about the problem on Google Product Forums at Cannot get emails from no-r...@kickstarter.com. Unfortunately, there were no answers provided.

What are the problems with Kickstarter verification emails and Gmail? How do I work around the problems?

  • Are you using a redirect through a custom domain (e.g. emails to mail@yourproject.com are forwarded to your Gmail address)? – Nick Nov 10 '17 at 22:59

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