Advert in lower left corner

YouTube has now disabled the creation of Annotations, and instead has given us "End Screens" and "Cards", but I can't see how to recreate this particular look with either.

Is this an advertisement? If so, what type? It doesn't seem to appear in their advertising documentation, either (which states that overlay advertisements are 480x70).


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This is a call to action overlay (which is different from an overlay ad). CTA overlays are available in advertisements (if a video ever has been used as a video ad, any CTA overlays that have been inserted during the campaing remain on it afterwards), for non-profit accounts and for twitch live notifications.


It looks to me like an affiliate link, an easy way to buy the product whilst giving the creator a small kickback, I may be wrong. To recreate it I think you need AdSense, even though it's not technically an ad.

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