I copied phone number data into Airtable. There are duplicate entries, specifically for a "phone number" type column.

How do I filter out duplicates?

Or even mark a column as unique so that a phone number, in this case, is only ever entered once?


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Airtable does not support this currently.

This is the workaround for finding duplicate entries in a field:

  • Copy/paste the field into any field other than the primary field.
  • Reconfigure that field as a linked record field that links to a new table.
  • On the new table, any duplicate entries should consolidate to individual records. Create a count field that on the new table.
  • On the original table, create a lookup field that pulls in the count field from the new table.
  • You can then group the original table by this lookup field and all of the duplicate records should come to the top.

I've went ahead and contacted Zach from Airtable, and got this reponse:

Airtable doesn't currently have a way to disallow duplicate entries, but I know this is something on our team's radar. I'm happy to pass along this feedback to our team and keep you posted when we have news to share.

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