I want to look up where a house is. Looking out of the window, all I have is a partial sign ending with ..."enrauft".

How would I search with that information in Google?

The wildcard operator only seems to apply to whole words and not parts of a word.

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According to Google Search Help and an answer from Google engineer Jeremy Hoffman, this it not possible:

No, Google does not have such a feature. It's actually a pretty cool idea, and it would be theoretically possible, but I doubt we'd ever implement such a feature in web search, because
1. All features take engineer time to implement and maintain.
2. An vanishingly small fraction of Google's billion-plus users would ever want to use it.
3. Some users might trigger this behavior unintentionally.
4. Simultaneously searching for all terms that could complete a given prefix would take quite significant computational resources. Basically it would slow down several other users' searches.

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