I will be making a conference call on Jitsi Meet. I want to test my audio quality (as heard by others) before I join a call.

How can I do this?


  • On Skype there was a contact called "Skype call testing service". You called it, it recorded a message, and then played the message back to you.

  • I found https://test.webrtc.org for generic WebRTC troubleshooting, but to test connectivity and throughput you need details for a TURN or STUN server.

Are these available for Jitsi Meet?

Needs a [jitsi-meet] tag.


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Jitsi Meet do not plan on providing an "Echo Test" service:

...we don't have plans to implement a pre-call device testing screen. While in a call though, you can open the device selection dialog and it will preview audio and video devices.

Posted at jitsi/jitsi-meet #1823

However, other hosts do provide echo tests, which allows you to at least test WebRTC quality on that host. Testing with a host other than Jitsi Meet isn't ideal, but should give you mostly helpful and applicable results. One example is:


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