As the title says, I have Unix Timestamps on a sheet and I need to convert them to normal human-readable dates. So far I'm striking out, Google searches have turned up a few suggestions but none have worked for me at all. Does anyone have a formula that works for converting these?


I prefer a formula that is more transparent, with fewer magic numbers. It makes it easier to see what's going on and also avoids the likelihood of having a bug (like the current top answer to this question which is off by 1 day):

=A1/60/60/24 + DATE(1970,1,1)

And if you want to shift it from UTC to a timestamp that is offset by some number of hours, for example UTC-8:

=A1/60/60/24 + DATE(1970,1,1) - 8/24
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Google Sheets measure date-time in days, with 0 mark being 1899-12-30 0:00:00. This being before 1970, the Unix timestamp for this moment (assuming GMT time) is negative, namely -2209161600. So, the formula

=(A1 + 2209161600)/86400

will convert Unix timestamp in cell A1 into date-time (format the cell with the formula as such).


  • Leap seconds are ignored
  • The formula is for GMT, while Google Sheets time is in local timezone. To adjust the formula for your time zone, visit https://www.epochconverter.com/ and get the timestamp for 1899-12-30 0:00:00 in your local time.
  • As the answer by mbican notes, this formula is off by 1 day. xkcd.com/386 – Dave L. Dec 11 '17 at 17:22
  • The answer is fixed now. – Dave L. Dec 12 '17 at 4:11

The result was one day ahead for me, so I changed it to =to_date((A1+2209161600)/86400)


In Google Sheets

A1 -> cell with *nix timestamp

Date Formula =(((A1/60)/60)/24)+DATE(1970;1;1)

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