A few months ago I closed one of my bank accounts. I’ve marked the bank as closed, but Mint is asking me to update my login credentials.

I've attempted to re-enter my credentials several times. However, since my bank account was closed, the login fails each time. I would like to tell Mint to ignore this error, but I haven't found any way of doing this.

Why is Mint asking me to update login information for a closed account? Can I make Mint ignore errors for a closed account?

Mint closed account

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After talking with Mint's customer support, I was able to resolve the issue changing by my account status to active, then closing it again.

  1. Go to the account Settings page.

    Account Settings

  2. Locate the closed account and click to open a submenu

  3. Mark the account Status as Active
  4. Refresh the page and remark the account status as Closed

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