When I click Convert To Card on Trello checklist item it converts it to a card but removes the item from the list.

Is it possible to Convert To Card but not to delete the original item from the list?


The easiest way may be to:

  1. COPY the card using the Copy button to the right inside the card. Select only the items you want to copy (Checklists for example) and give the new card a different title.

  2. Close the original card and open the new copy

  3. Use the copied card to convert the checklist item(s) to card(s)

  4. Delete the copied card. Select "Share and more..." from the bottom right of the card. Then select Delete from the card # line at the bottom.

  5. Confirm Delete.

You now have a new card based on the items you selected from the original card without losing any of the original items in the original card.


I really want to do this, convert a checklist item to a card without deleting it, because I like to create task cards from lists, but I also could't find a way to do this.

I think the easiest way may be to:

1 - copy checklist item text

2 - create a new card

3 - paste text as card title

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