I'm using Google's monthly budget sheet to track my expenses.

I need to have a pie chart but I don't want it to be floating around in the sheet and be in a specific cell(s). So I thought a formula like Sparkline might be the answer. But is there such a formula? How can I achieve this?

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For the moment at least, I think not. Try a pie chart using SPARKLINE and the error is:

Function SPARKLINE parameter 2 option charttype value is pie. It should be one of: 'line', 'column', 'winloss', 'bar'.

You might consider embedding an IMAGE instead but I doubt worth the bother ever were the image to be dynamic, that would be yet more bother.


You can add a pie chart inside a cell doing the following:

  1. Create a floating pie chart, move it to it's own sheet and publish it as a static image;
  2. Get the published URL and use it in an IMAGE function inside a cell

Then tweak the chart formatting as you like.
I recommend removing title and legends and adding the labels with a large font inside the slices, plus checking the option to maximize.

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