How do I find all the Words with Friends games I've ever played with at least the name of the opponent and who won, and ideally things like start/end time of game, the score, the final state of the board, etc?

What I've tried so far:

  • If you click on the "back arrow" icon while playing the game, there is a section called "COMPLETED". However, it only lists the last 4 games.

  • If you open Words With Friends in Messenger, it has "X finished your last game" with an option for a rematch and a thumbnail of a portion of the board, but no indication of who won or what the score was. Annoyingly, the conversation with Words With Friends doesn't appear in your Facebook archive, although you can still download it separately.

  • If you open Messenger with the person you're playing against, you will see every move you and your opponent made (eg, "X just played WORD for n points"), with a link to view a thumbnail image. In theory, I could use this to "manually" obtain the information I need, but that seems tedious. Additionally, Messenger STILL won't tell you who won the game or what the final score was. Additionally, the "X played WORD" messages show up as blank in the archive.

  • I remember this being a lot easier and even wrote programs to parse Words with Friends games: https://github.com/barrycarter/bcapps/blob/master/WWF/ to create things like http://e2d66d70639bc6a33c853ea7cae2df78.wwf.db.barrycarter.info/ but they've obviously made changes.

Does the Facebook API by any chance let you do this?

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