Someone provide this: tg://join?invite=EaEnSUPktgfoI-xxxxxxxx

  1. How do I join that group in web based version of Telegram?
  2. I tried that link in my Chrome browser but it just did a Google search.

These are the menu options in the web-based Telegram.

enter image description here

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    copy the link into a chat, e.g. message yourself. After you send the message, you can klick on the link and follow the invitaion. (This is obviously an answer - it seems impossible for me to post a proper answer to this question)
    – chichak
    Commented Apr 11, 2019 at 22:59
  • @chichak This worked! Not clear why you can't post an answer? Commented Apr 28, 2019 at 19:14
  • @Wowfunhappy: good to hear! I don't know why I can't post an answer, maybe on this stackexchange you need more points then I have for that?
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You can rewrite the URL to the form https://telegram.me/joinchat/<group-identifier> where <group-identifier> is the piece of string after invite= and you should be able to join from the web messenger.

In your case the link would be https://telegram.me/joinchat/EaEnSUPktgfoI-XPfMYtcQ

  • Telegram.me is not found. My URL is currently: web.telegram.org/#/im, What is the tg://join link?? Commented Aug 2, 2017 at 20:42
  • telegram.me works fine for me, @NealWalters. i.sstatic.net/Cr6MA.png tg:// protocol is handled by the telegram desktop appl Commented Aug 2, 2017 at 21:14
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    As of April 2019, this just redirects to the tg://join?invite= link I can't open... Commented Apr 28, 2019 at 19:12

I found another post with the link to join like this: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEQbOeucnaMWN0A9dQ

Then when I clicked I chose "Open in web", and then clicked "Join" button at the bottom, and then showed this URL: https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@EOSproject

  • This is not working anymore, like the other answer (at least for channels instead of groups). But I added another answer.
    – baptx
    Commented Sep 14, 2022 at 17:11

Joining a channel invite on Telegram was not working anymore on the web version even with the answers already shared but I found another way to do it (the solution may work on groups also).

First you need a valid invite link but if you don't have one and want to test, you can probably find one on Twitter or other websites by searching "telegram invite".

Then I noticed that an invite link was shared on a channel @LaMenaceYT and the HTML source code of the link shared looks like this:

<a class="anchor-url" href="https://t.me/+pKrHzj5V9rA2OGZk" onclick="joinchat(this)"><strong>https://t.me/+pKrHzj5V9rA2OGZk</strong></a>

So it is possible to join another channel invite by using a JavaScript code like this with another link I found on Twitter, by executing the code in the web console (F12 shortcut or directly Ctrl+Shift+K in Firefox) when you are on Telegram web version:

var link = document.createElement("a");
link.href = "https://t.me/+L8x0cOvDGBA3Y2Vi";

For people who are curious, here is what the source code of the JavaScript function joinchat looks like, found by typing joinchat.toString():

"t=>{(0,ce.Z)(null);let i,s,n=t.href;const a=new URL(n),o=a.host.match(/(.+?)\\.t(?:elegram)?\\.me/);o&&(a.pathname=o[1]+(\"/\"===a.pathname?\"\":a.pathname),n=a.toString()),e.noPathnameParams||(i=new URL(n).pathname.split(\"/\").slice(1)),e.noUriParams||(s=this.parseUriParams(n));const r=e.callback({pathnameParams:i,uriParams:s},t);return void 0===r&&r}" 

When I tested, it also worked on a channel invite where the admin has to approve the request (Telegram account of a YouTube channel: https://t.me/+SYCDhioqnRg3ZDZk) even if there was a JavaScript error "[API] Error 400 INVITE_REQUEST_SENT" when trying to join multiple times.

  • This currently works in the K version of telegram web. Commented Apr 13, 2023 at 10:32

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