Selling something by bundles of 10, and want to try and calculate how many bundles and the price.

32 purchased / 10 bundle size = 3.2

Want to round 3.2 up 4 bundles.

Tried the ROUND() function but that rounds up and down. I always need to round up.

Searched around, found ways to prevent rounding, but not how to specifically round up always to nearest whole number.

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Found a way.


Which results in 4. The ROUNDUP function takes an argument, which tells it how many decimal places to round to. 0 means whole number.

Rounds a number to a certain number of decimal places, always rounding up to the next valid increment.



Another option is CEILING:


result: 4.

The difference between CEILING and ROUNDUP is essentially in negative numbers (CEILING rounds these towards 0).

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