I want to make a retweet with IFTTT like it was done in the old days (since it's the only way you can retweet with IFTTT) by reposting the tweet and adding RT: @user in the message. But in the new tweet the "@" doesn't appear:

WA108314 question example

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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IFTTT indeed prevents recipes from posting the @ sign. I believe this is a condition set by twitter to prevent IFTTT from spamming users.

The way around this is in fact using two separate IFTTT recipes:

  1. Twitter to Google Sheets: use this recipe as Trigger to collect all the info you need like username, text etc... and assemble this info to compose the exact wording of the tweets you wish to send in a dedicated cell.
  2. Google Sheets to Twitter: use this recipe as Action, to post the content of the dedicated cell to Twitter.

Posting from Google Sheets should resolve the problem.

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