I tried to use the code "In:anywhere is:unread" to to a preliminary troubleshooting, but Gmail seemed to still shows that there is one unread mail in my inbox. This happened only after I transferred my old Gmail account to a new one. How do I fix this problem?


Search for in:inbox is:unread. That'll find any unread messages in your inbox.

in:anywhere searches everywhere, including spam and trash.


You can only mark blocks of 100 messages at the time. Use browse function to choose different blocks and find your unread message, up to the right. (Ex: "< 1 to 100 of 432 >")


I tried the above but got too many messages in the SPAM filters that Gmail does for you but this search string worked to find the single culprit:

in:inbox is:unread -label:social -label:promotions

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