Somebody has shared some folders with me in Google Drive and is planning to remove that sharing link. What he wants me to do is download all the data into my local system so that he can remove the shared link in future but I don't have enough space in my local system.

Is there any way I can copy the data from the shared folders in Google Drive to my Google Drive directly, instead of downloading the data first and then moving it to Google Drive?


I have tens of GB of data on "Google Drive", locally a smaller disk, and I don't need all that data at once. Steps:

  1. in computer local client app Google Drive choose syncing only, choose folders in settings "Google Drive Application / Preferences / Google Drive / Sync only these folders" and then click OK
  2. online in Google Drive / Shared with me open context menu with mouse right click on item and choose item menu "Add to My Drive"
  3. online in Google Drive / My Drive create new directory with button "New / Folder" with name "archive" and then move all new data there.

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