This question is similar to How to remove [Deleted video]'s from the current playlist?, but I am looking at the "Liked videos" playlist, which does not have an "Edit playlist" button.

Using YouTube on Desktop browser.

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    I just want to unlike a deleted video. – SOFe Aug 6 '17 at 8:30

When opening your Liked videos playlist, you can hover over the video that you want to remove and click the X that appears in the top-right corner of the video link. (This is located on top of the time of the video).

For example:

Remove Video(https://i.stack.imgur.com/rfMrD.png)

NOTE: There is no confirmation for the video to be removed so ensure you are removing the correct video before clicking the X.


December 2020 update: It is now possible to remove a deleted video from your Liked Videos list using the normal method!

[Previous comment: I came across the same issue. Apparently, it is currently not possible to remove your "like" from videos which have been deleted or gone private (from desktop or mobile). The usual way to do it to go to your "Liked videos" list, then click on the three dots and select "Removed [sic] from Liked videos". Deleted videos still appear there, even after clicking the remove botton. Not only that, but when going to myactivity-> Other Google activity-> View likes and dislikes on YouTube - nothing appears there. It would make sense to allow users to at least remove their likes from any video and for any reason, even if it's no longer accessible.]

  1. Go to your liked videos and post the following code at the end of the URL: &advanced_settings=1&disable_polymer=1
  2. This will open the advanced playlist and allow you to delete the video.
  3. Refresh your playlist and the video(s) should be gone.

If you're referring to YouTube on a firestick then you can't remove deleted liked videos however. Simply access your liked videos on your YouTube app on your phone. Then click the [ ... ] on top right and select remove from liked videos.

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