I'm trying to do some research on a product that I believe may have existed quite some time ago called Microsoft Net Server (cf. this article from 2000) which was apparently some sort of file server service. However, despite my fanciest handstands while gargling peanut butter, the only thing Google gives me are results related to Microsoft's .NET Framework.

I've tried:

  • Microsoft Net Server
  • "Microsoft Net Server"
  • Microsoft "Net Server"
  • Microsoft "Net Server" -".NET" -"DOT"
  • Microsoft +"Net Server"
  • gimme teh kodez for Microsoft Net Server

I also went to Google's Advanced Search and plugged my query the best I knew how. No dice. Then I found this WebApps question which lead me to http://symbolhound.com where I did an advanced search excluding the terms .net and dot and got back a whopping two results, neither of which were the sample article I referenced above.

How can I search for Net and exclude results that contain .Net?

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    The only way that I've been able to find the article you referenced is by including 1.11 in the results "microsoft net server 1.11": goo.gl/WfrPxX but I get 0 results when searching for the exact phrase Microsoft Net Server on Symbol Hound: symbolhound.com/… I'm sure this isn't helpful, but I feel your pain. :)
    – Ashton
    Aug 18, 2017 at 2:08

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"Microsoft Net Server 1.11" -"."net


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