I know how to add external calendars (in .ics format) to Google Calendar manually. Is there any way to do it from within a Google Apps Script? That is, is there a command that imports from a provided .ics file? I'd like to build a script that triggers on a regular basis and imports all events from a particular .ics file over a particular timeframe.


I wrote a script that does something like this: https://script.google.com/d/1BOk8MDLbLaHh6SwG1M1tsgNXjkcC-79LE0QoipRuTDxbO3fMVvqoROQD/edit?usp=sharing

Currently it only adds events (so it doesn't update/delete events that have been changed) but you can contribute to it here: https://github.com/derekantrican/GAS-ICS-Sync

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