Is there any way to export all the Facebook historical data from your profile (contacts, photos, videos, posts, links, comments, etc.) to a local storage?

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This web app describes steps to achieve what you're looking for I think.


It appears this addon was removed. It used to be called ArchiveFacebook, but I don't see it on the mozilla site anymore.


Facebook now lets you do this directly from their site.

  1. Go to "Account Settings"
  2. Click on "General" in left hand navigation
  3. Look for "Download a copy of your Facebook data." underneath name, username, ..., temperature table.

It gives a message about how it will take a while to package it all up. Your password is needed to begin the archive process. An e-mail will be sent when your download is ready to go, and then you'll need to verify your identity again in order to download the archive.

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