After exporting a Trello board as a JSON file, is it possible to import it again?

  1. If you exported the JSON with the intention of re-importing the board elsewhere, you should transfer the board instead.

  2. If you want to copy the board to a new team:

    • Copy the board you want in the origin team (Menu > More... > Copy Board)
    • Transfer the board copy to the destination team
  3. If you exported a JSON and you don't have access anymore to the original board, then you should follow boardtc's advice.


There are some 3rd party utilities to import, one uses a Google spreadheet. There are others mentioned on this Trello board but I have not seen one which takes JSON.

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    The question is asking about how to import it a second time... – DaveInCaz Jan 31 at 11:09

Forget the JSON, CSV, XLS, Google Drive, Etc.. Here is how to export-import board from one account to another account without losing cards or card images: (You only lose comments)

Copy Name of the board to paste to the new copied board
BOARD TO COPY => Show menu - more - copy board - PASTE: Name you copied above or any name - TEAM: none - KEEP CARDS - GO!
TOP OF THE NEW COPIED BOARD: INVITE - link - copy the link (no need to email to speed it up)
NEW ACCOUNT (your new account to copy the board to): Open a new incognito window to login your other account - paste invite link - Join Board
FROM ACCOUNT: Click your picture of new account on top middle - change permissions: Admin (give admin access to the other side) - Click FROM Account Your Picture: Leave Board

Done! You should have a copy of the board in new account...

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