I'm trying to use the entries of this form to make spreadsheets for billing my clients. I'd like to set a custom filter for each client so that on the day I need to bill them I can simply apply the preset filter and it will display a period of entries from, say, last monday through friday. I typically will run this on Monday mornings, so I was trying to filter by "today" through "today" minus six days. But, I can't figure out the syntax of how to write that in the advanced editor.

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The Advanced Filtering code I figured out approaches it a little backward from how I was thinking. This is the filter code that worked for me:

=Date.AddDays(7) >= "today"

It can be quite a challenge but here is what I came up with that worked the best for date ranges within a specific range:

=(Date <= DateTime.Today.AddDays(30) and Date >= DateTime.Today)

Simply adjust the "adddays" number by whatever you need.

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