DuckDuckGo's ability to search across date ranges appears to be very limited in comparison with Google.

There appears to be no way in DuckDuckGo to specify search date ranges, or any periods other than any time, past day, past week, past month.

Is this indeed the case? Or do they (DuckDuckGo) just not make it obvious, for some reason?

  • As ridiculous as it may sound, supposedly they've been working on this feature for over 7 seven years now (you can look for yourself at this thread on their forums). Doesn't look too good, right? So still no real alternative for Google with its insidious ways for us, I guess. That also explains why there is totality of like 13 questions here tagged with duckduckgo and the best have like 5 upvotes. Real throngs of people must be using it. – z33k Jan 30 '18 at 10:46

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