I would like to automatically apply a label to every mail containing [Something] in the subject and then hiding that part when the mail are showed in the Inbox.

For example i receive an email with the following subject:

[Something] This is an example

It should apply a label (for example SMTH) and then show it in the inbox as follow:

SMTH This is an example

Is it possible to do such a thing in Gmail?


GMAIL doesn't include a built-in feature to hide, not change, a part of the email subject. You could try to use a userscript.

To help using user scripts you could use web-browser addons like Greasemonkey for Firefox of Tampermonkey for Google Chrome, among other alternatives.

Another approach is to change the email subject. For this you could use Google Apps Script, the GMail API or a third-party tool.

To ask for a software recommendation consider https://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com

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