I have log-events with a timestamp like the following in Google Spreadsheets:

Date    Time    Event
8-30-17 8,42    Login
8-30-17 12,31   Logout
8-30-17 14,1    Login
8-30-17 18,54   Logout
8-31-17 6,89    Login
8-31-17 14,01   Logout
9-1-17  8,24    Login
9-1-17  12,57   Logout
9-1-17  13,43   Login
9-1-17  18,03   Logout

So essentially this is the date and time when a login/logout occurred. I now would like to calculate the logged in time for each date. Taking the 8-30-17 this would result in a total duration of 3,89 + 4,44 = 8,33 hours.

As a second duration I would like to get the total time between the first login and the last logout for a day. So again for the 8-30-17 this would mean a total duration of 10,12 hours.

Is it possible to calculate this with Google Spreadsheets or is this too advanced?

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Provided not logged in over midnight (and you can handle some repetition) something like:


(copied down) may serve, assuming you adjust the delimiter (, to ;) if required and that your data is numeric.

WA109340 example



Regarding your other question, you might try:


WA109340 example for *other* Q

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