How can I setup the visibility of profile photo likes? For example when anyone does not have me in friends, he can´t give me like and I want to anybody can give me like even if he hasn't me in friends.


Change the audience setting to Public.

To make your current profile picture Public, click on the profile pic thumbnail or open that pic in your profile picture album, then change the audience setting to Public. If you are adding a new profile picture, before posting check the audience as Public.

By setting audience as Public, anyone on Facebook can like your picture.

Learn more about privacy settings.


You will first need to set the privacy of your photo to Public. This will allow people who are not your friends to view likes and comments.

The second step is to head into your Public posts Settings and set Public Post Comments to Publicas well.

Public Post Comments


Click on the downward pointing arrow to the right of "Other Pages You Like." Select "Public" if you want everyone to see your likes or a more limited privacy option that corresponds to who you want to be able to see your likes. The option you select will take effect immediately .

how to hide photos on facebook

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