I have a blog called "Sociological Inquiries" and I've tried to add other sociology related blogs using the "blog list" gadget in Blogger but after I've added them, half of them will work and half will not. Here is the link to my blog. Unfortunately the links associated with the blog list have been deleted, not sure how. But if you needed to see the blog for some reason, here it is: http://sociologicalinquiries.blogspot.com/p/introduction.html.

I've noticed a pattern. The blogs whose URL links work do not have the extension /feeds/posts/default but simply contain the URL of the blog such as "http://alssociologicalviews.blogspot.com." Unfortunately the blog URL I've just listed did not work when I added it to the gadget because it does contain /feeds/posts/default at the end of it when added.

Do you know what is causing this and how it can be fixed?

  • Have you tried removing /feeds/posts/default from the URL of the blogs that won't work? – freginold Sep 5 '17 at 16:00
  • Yes, because when I entered all of the URLs into the widget, I did not include /feeds/posts/default in any of them. The widget automatically adds that extension when the page loads I think. I am confused as to why it does this and why it is preventing the page from loading. – Maria Scutari Sep 5 '17 at 17:05

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