I received the following email to my Gmail account.

enter image description here

(all the pixellated sections represent the same string)

I checked the email was legitimate (SPF, DKIM and DMARC all pass), and then I stupidly clicked on the Verify Contact Email button before noticing that the [email protected] had been added "as the contact email address for [my] Google Account myemailaddress56@gmail.com" (note the '56' in the second email address)

When I clicked the link, I was asked to log in to the myemailaddress56 account. I didn't do this. The browser in question was obviously already connected to the [email protected] account.

The email states:

ignore this email and that address won't be added to your Google Account. Someone may have made a mistake typing their own email address

which is obviously the case - but I haven't quite ignored the email.

Has this affected my [email protected] account at all?


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