I'm using the Query function in Google Sheets to pull over data tracking student behavior (includes name, ID, date, grade, etc.) The query function will pull over everything except the letter 'k' in the 'Grade column' (the 'k' is for kindergarten. All other grades are written as numbers, and those are transferring over fine).

Here is a sheet showing the problem I'm having.


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    I just changed the format - worked great thank you! – Landan Sep 7 '17 at 18:09

From the official help article, QUERY Function

Missing data when you query text and numbers


Use a single data type (text or numbers), when using the QUERY function. If you have mixed data, the query will miss data.

When there is mixed data in a column:

The most common data type will be the data type for the query. The least common data type will be considered null values and will not be counted in the query.


Set the column number formatting to plain text.

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