Last year a nearby lake was filled in, and converted into a green space with grass, trees, and walkways. However, this lake is still on Google Maps. I decided to report it to them, but it seems I can only report a missing business, or make changes to roads.

When I open the menu, I see "Add a missing place" and "Send feedback". "Add a missing place" isn't what I want to do, because I want to remove something, not add it.

Screenshot showing Google Maps main menu

Clicking "Send feedback" gives more options, of which "Edit the map" seems most promising. However, selecting this option only allows me to choose a road or place that is in error. I cannot select a body of water. When I click on the lake, it instead selects the nearest road.

Screenshot showing "Send feedback" menu

I considered the generic "Other feedback", but it seems more for reporting issues with the Google Maps website itself, and not the map data.

Screenshot showing "Edit the map" menu

It's possible that, because bodies of water generally do not change, Google doesn't accept requests to edit them. However, it could be that I'm just missing a button somewhere. I figured I'd ask here as a last resort before I give up.

Is it possible to report a change in a body of water to Google Maps?

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