How do I get a substring from a cell in Google Apps Script?

I'm trying to retrieve some data from a website. I've already got the whole HTML code and put it into a cell (thou it could be better put into a String variable)

I'm stuck in a simpler task: How do I get the part of that cell/string I'm interested in, (since I know it is always located in the same position/offset)

I tried string.substring(offset, length) but it doesn't work.

How can I do that? Help appreciated.

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    More context (code) would help. Also, perhaps Stack Overflow would be a more suitable place for this question, since it is a programming question. There's a google-apps-script tag there too. Sep 11, 2017 at 17:55

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Sorry. My mistake.

The right usage of substring method is:

string.substring(starting-offset, ending-offset)

Here's the whole code. Already ready. Improvements may come later.

function Agrega_Valores_Actualizados() {
      var Libro = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
      var Hoja_0 = Libro.getSheets()[0];

      Hora = Utilities.formatDate(new Date(), 'GMT-4', 'HH');

      if (Hora > 17) {
        Fecha_B3_Simple = Hoja_0.getRange("B3").getDisplayValue(); 
        Hoy_Form_Simple = Utilities.formatDate(new Date(), 'GMT-4', 'dd-MM-yy');
        if (Fecha_B3_Simple != Hoy_Form_Simple) {
          //Inserta línea entre 3 y 4

          //Copia línea 3 a la 4
          Linea3 = Hoja_0.getRange("B3:F3");
          Linea4 = Hoja_0.getRange("B4:F4");
          F3 = Hoja_0.getRange("F3"); F3.setValue("=E3-E4");
          F4 = Hoja_0.getRange("F4"); F4.setValue("=E4-E5");

          //Borra contenido de celdas C3 y D3
          Valores_A_y_B_Linea3 = Hoja_0.getRange("C3:D3"); Valores_A_y_B_Linea3.clearContent();

          //Coloca fecha actual en celda B3
          Fecha_Linea3 = Hoja_0.getRange("B3"); Fecha_Linea3.setValue(Hoy_Form_Simple)

          //Busca Valor de Acciones en Página de Índice Bursátil
          var Contenido_URL = UrlFetchApp.fetch('http://www.bancaynegocios.com/indice-bursatil-caracas/');
          var HTML = Contenido_URL.getContentText();

          P1 = HTML.search("Mercantil Servicios Financieros Clase A");
          C3 = Hoja_0.getRange("C3"); C3.setValue(HTML.substring(P1+110,P1+110+8));

          P2 = HTML.search("Mercantil Servicios Financieros Clase B");
          D3 = Hoja_0.getRange("D3"); D3.setValue(HTML.substring(P2+110,P2+110+8));

The string.substring(offset, length) works for me.

Let me show you:

var alfabeto = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXTZabcdefghiklmnopqrstuvwxyz";
var letra = "";
letra = alfabeto.substring(0,1);

Result: letra = A

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