As of this writing, the default number of columns in Google Sheets is 29 columns.

I need more than 29 columns.

I would like to add N columns where N is something like 10 to 30 columns.

My request is similar to the "add N more rows bottom" button at the bottom of each Google Sheet GUI.

Is there a way to add N columns via the default GUI? If yes, how?

  1. Select a column where you want to add your N columns (left of there or right of there)
  2. Shift-select the N number of columns that you want to add
  3. Right-click
  4. Click on "Insert N columns on left" or "Insert N columns on right"

screen shot of context menu


To add N number of Columns > Right Click on the top left corner of the sheet so that it selects the entire spreadsheet > you will see the option to add 1000 Rows and 26 Columns. I believe Google Sheets, by default shows only 26 columns to add and lets you add columns in multiples of 26 at a time.

enter image description here


I couldn't find a way to insert or add more columns to my Google Sheets, so what I did was I downloaded the current one, edited it in excel, and uploaded it back to my drive.


Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on Google-Sheets.

In my search for the "add N columns" I did not find a GUI button and my internet searches did not reveal such a feature. The "add N columns" may exist but I did not find it.

So I ended up using a workaround:

  • add one column at a time via keyboard shortcut alt-i + o

As long as the number of columns you need is small, this workaround is sufficient but if you have more than 100-1000 columns I would not recommend this workaround.


Try this. If you need to add 11 columns, select 11 columns as shown in the screenshot adding columns for Google spreadsheets

Now. Click on Insert, here you can see an option to add 11 number of columns

adding columns for Google spreadsheets

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