I succeeded at making my time table to show whether it's collected during work time or not. But since I don't work during weekends, I need it to show whether it's collected during normal weekday or during weekend. (I'm trying to find the average of the general response time for my company's inbound calls)

Can I please get a help on this?

In short, I need to make my last column show:

  • For the data collected during workdays whether it was collected between 10:00am ~ 5:00pm (YES, NOT)
  • and shows "weekend" for the data that were collected during weekend.

and here's the sample spreadsheet.


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I would try to use multiple columns.

In one I would determine if the day is a weekend or weekday.

In the other I would determine if it is during work hours. You could even determine if it was before or after work hours.

Then I would use those cells to determine what category they apply to.

Breaking it into stages may allow you to use a more readable or less complex formula. The answers in those extra columns could also help in creating a pivot table.


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