I'm adding sections (not repeating) to my form. I have 3 sections: A, B, C The section name for A and C show up when I click on a field within that section and create a condition for when it will be shown. Section B, however, doesn't show up. Example: form.A.MakeASelection, form.C.MakeASelection But form.B.MakeASelection is missing. I have deleted and recreated section B. I have clicked on Save about 100 times. I have closed and reopened the Cognito website. What am I don't wrong? Why can't I see section B when it appears to be just like sections A and C?


Never mind. I figured it out. You can't see the form title if you are currently working within that form. If I click on a different section then section B form title shows up. Makes sense. Thanks for being a great listener. ;O


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