If I search for a place location on Google Maps, that location shows up with a red marker (for example a University). If I click on any other location on the map (for example a museum) the first red mark goes away and a new red mark appears at the new location.

How do I add markers on any custom locations on the map?

I don't need to be able to find directions or get distances, I just want to put up markers so that I can get an estimate of how close or far the various places are.

Is there any way to do this while viewing Google Maps in Google Chrome?

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You need to be signed into a Google account to do this.

When you are, you can use the Save button in the legend to save the place as a favourite,

enter image description here

All your favourite places show with a star when you look at a view that includes the place.

enter image description here

If you have so many favourites that a view is confusing, then you may want to delete some: from the hamburger menu (three lines in the right of the search box), click Your places > Saved and you can see and manage your list of favourites.

if the location you want to save is not already a Place in maps, then you need to add a private label for this to work. Read about that here.

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