I have a Google Sheets. I want to set it up so that the first column is checkboxes, and if the checkbox is selected, the entire row gets a strike-through.

How can I accomplish this?

I followed this to add checkboxes, but now I need the row to strike-through if the check box is checked. For example:

Check box Phone number Name

no check xxxxxxxxxx John Doe

Check xxxxxxxxxx Jane Doe

In other words, if a1 = ☑, then strike-through all of Row A.

How do I apply this to the entire sheet?


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Conditional formatting: If checkbox ticked in cell A1, change color/strikethrough of cells from B1-F1.

  1. Insert a checkbox from "Insert" tab to A1.

  2. Select the cells (B1-F1) that needs to be of different color/strikethrough when a checkbox in A1 is ticked/ selected.

  3. From tab above, "Format" > "Conditional formatting".

  4. In 'Single color' tab, "Apply to range" = 'B1:F1'

  5. "Format cells if" = 'Custom formula is' = '=$A1=TRUE'

  6. "Formatting style" = Select whatever change you want to see in the cells if checkbox ticked.

DONE !!!

  • since they implemented "Insert Checkbox" feature, this is now the best answer.
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Assuming (1) your checkbox is character (Code 9745) and your entire row runs to ColumnZ, then please select ColumnsB:Z and apply a Custom formula is of:


with formatting of Strike-through and Done.

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    I just realized what I was doing wrong, I was using A1 when it was A2... haha
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Based on the answer from Rubén, I stumbled into a way to do it across the whole spreadsheet. It worked for me as follow:

screen shot

  1. Insert a checkbox from "Insert" tab to H1 (in my case)
  2. From tab above, "Format" > "Conditional formatting".
  3. In 'Single color' tab, "Apply to range" = 'A1:H1032'
  4. "Format cells if" = 'Custom formula is' = '=$H1=TRUE'
  5. "Formatting style" = Select whatever change you want to see in the cells if checkbox ticked.

For any checkbox that I tick, it will now apply the formatting style to that given row only.

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  • To then apply this single row's formatting to a range of rows with their own checkboxes select the newly formatted row and use the format painter to box-select the range you want. Commented Aug 21, 2019 at 11:20

You can also do a: "Text Contains: TRUE" or "Text Contains: FALSE" check here.


It's also interesting to note that you must include the $ symbol in order to get multi-column coverage. To me, it seems a slightly counterintuitive.



That is a great question

If you wish to make a entire row a certain color

  1. Insert Checkbox
  2. Go to Conditional Formatting
  3. Add a Rule
  4. Make the drop down Custom Formula
  5. For Value or Formula Type =$A1=TRUE this will cause whatever range you set to turn to that color. If you want the default color to be Red when not selected.
  6. Add a New rule
  7. Repeat steps 4-5, But this time type =$A1=FALSE
  8. On Formatting options with color, Press where it says Default And Click the S with a Dash on it!

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