There is a way to sync all Facebook events with Google Calendar: Synchronising Facebook events with Google Calendar but I couldn't find a way to sync only attending events.

Is there a way to do so?


There is a web service at the following URL http://eventcal.flown.io/ that lets you filter your calendar sync by "attending (going)", "maybe/interested" and or "unanswered"

Screenshot of EventCal Web Service Website: Screenshot of EventCal Web Service

The code for it is also available on GitHub at https://github.com/simonbengtsson/eventcal

  • Sadly I can't find a way to export the facebook url anymore, On Facebook events I'm only given an .ics file to download. So I can't get eventcal.flown.io to work for me anymore. :( – user217365 May 2 at 8:40
  • why not contact the dev and ask if he can fix it, or if you are a dev yourself, its on github, so you may be able to fix it yourself – mack nordstrum May 3 at 9:41

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