First step I do is find the column row with the max value through =MAX(A1:a10).

Let's say it's A7 that has the max value.

Once I have that value, I would like some data from the rest of row 7 to be grabbed. For instance if A7 is the max value, I'd like to grab the values from B7, C7 and E7 automatically.

How do I do this? Take into account the row with max value is constantly changing.

  • I should mention that I would like B7,C7 and E7 all in there own cells. So the formulas can be for each individual one for ease Commented Oct 11, 2017 at 20:24

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You have not mentioned what you would like to so with the three values mentioned, but maybe try:


or perhaps:


or perhaps:

=index(query(A:E,"select B,C,E"),match(max(A1:A10),A:A,0))

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