I have a function which returns a URL from hyperlink as a first parameter to IMPORTXML function.

For the function to work I need to put the output of that function in quotes, how do I do it?


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As pnuts said, you don't need quote marks there. Think of them as a container we have to use to separate our text from formulas, as in = "not" & B3, so that the string is recognized as such. If the text comes from a formula, it is already known to be text.

That said, if you actually had to put quotes around formula output, that would be done with

"""" & linkURL(A2) & """"

The rule is that quote marks " inside a string must be doubled. So, """" is a string with a single character ", and ="""" & A2 & """" outputs "url" if the cell A2 contains url.

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