I have a chat-group with my colleagues concerning the server and services restart occurrences and what I want to achieve is when my Skype is under specific status (Away, Offline) to automatically reply with a certain message. Optimally to respond based on the message of the sender (for example, when someone of the group sends message:

Server restart on servers {3,4}. Please confirm that the restart can be initiated.

and my Skype is Away or Offline, my Skype account to reply with message:

User myuser does not use the application currently, please continue with the restart.

I attempted to use IFTT but the only applets that are available are the ones created by Skype.

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Since Skype does not have such functionality built-in IMO your Q may be too broad to be suitable for WA.

From Carola Clavo Sep 27, 2016:

Skype doesn't have an auto-reply feature via chat, but it can respond to calls automatically the person that calls you if you record a message. Like an answering machine, people will hear an automated message or your voice if you enable voice mail.

Also you can use third party apps like Pamela for Skype and have more advanced features like an “out of the office” chat message, and more.

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    I've added an IFTTT applet where the IFTTT sends every day at a certain time the weather prediction for the day, for the location I am located and the Skype application identified the IFTTT messages as bots participants in the chat goo.gl/XP52cP.
    – tsoliaspn
    Commented Oct 18, 2017 at 9:51
  • does that really work? Commented Sep 11, 2018 at 22:35

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