So I've done some research around this question on Google's G Suite site and can't tell definitively if the following is possible:

I have an email address on a non-G Suite server. Let's call it "sales@alias.com"

If I open a G Suite account will I be able to use the exact same email address, sales@alias.com, on G Suite?

I do know I can migrate existing mail and calendar information to G Suite but I want to know if I will be able to use the exact same email address I am currently using.


Generally, yes.

If you own/control the domain alias.com, you can move it to G Suite and then either create an account sales@alias.com or create some other account like russell@alias.com and add the sales@ address to it.

If you only have an account provided by someone else in the alias.com domain that you do not control, you can still use G Suite with your own domain somethingelse.com, create an account for yourself russell@somethingelse.com, and then from within that account enable sending and receiving of email through sales@alias.com.

In the first scenario, you actually move the address to Google. In the second, Gmail acts as an email client.

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  • Very helpful answer. Thank you! – Russell Alan Oct 26 '17 at 14:24

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