I'm writing a bookmarklet[1] for Bing, and would like to customise my search.

The bookmarklet URL takes the form of:


After quite a bit of searching and experimenting, I have found:

q          # search keywords
count      # how many results per page
adlt       # safe search (strict, moderate, off)
cc         # ISO 3166 country code
setlang    # set interface language, e.g. fr-fr, en-us
lf=1       # pages only in the same language as the interface
format=rss # get result page as RSS

What other parameters are there? I am, in particular, interested in restricting the results to pages in a certain language.

[1] Technically, a Mozilla custom keyword.

  • Have you found a solution? Doing something similar, and I'd like to know what all those parameters are and what I can use. Dec 13, 2017 at 8:28

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Here are few more Bing query parameters:

  1. freshness
  2. mkt
  3. offset
  4. responseFilter
  5. safeSearch
  6. textFormat
  7. textDecorations

Please refer the following link to know more about these query parameters for Bing:


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