My e-mail address is abc@gmail.com. Abc is also a word I want to get notified about if it appears in a message. For this purpose I have created a filter where I entered "abc" in the field "Has the words". The problem is that it triggers on the content of the message headers as well as the message body.

Is there any way to find messages that contains abc in the body and exclude messages that only contains abc in the header?

I tried this

(abc -(to:"abc")

but it only displays messages that doesn't contain abc in the header (which most of my messages do).

Update: abc is in fact a word I use for subaddressing so it is always preceded by a plus sign but Gmail doesn't seem to consider plus characters when searching. Both abc and +abc seem to return the same results. Otherwise "e+abc" would be unique for the message header and never occur in the body.

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