My Instagram account has been suspended by the Instagram team, possibly because I had not used it for a while, and I tried to log in from within a different region from where I used to do.

When I typed in the username and password, the pop-up menu shows up to let me type in the verification number. There are two verification options - phone number and email - but I no longer retain the phone number (I unsubscribed the service) and I don't know which email address it is (and maybe I no longer retain the email as well...).

In this case, can I regain my Instagram account? Again, I have the correct username and password.

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Yes, request it from within an app, not from web.

The Instagram doesn't have an user-friendly support page on the web, but they have on mobile the app (in my case it is iOS). Send a request by the following steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to the log-in page

  2. Tap Get help signing in..

  3. The page goes to the verification page. At this stage, first fill in your username and tap Send Login Link, even though your email is invalid. They show your email with a slight hint (e.g. my******g***2*@g****.com).

  4. Tap Need more help? on the same page. Even though you know your email is invalid, you must first send a link at the process 3; otherwise the tapped link goes to the generic support page.

  5. If you tap Need more help? after you finish Send Login Link, the special support page shows up, letting you contacting the support team. Fill in the followings:

    • The email you used to register the account (even though it is invalid now)

    • The email you want them to get in contact

    • Some questions (if it is a company account, if the photo is yours, etc...)

    • And additional details

Then wait for them to get in contact with you!

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    @pnuts They sent back an email quickly, likely within 10 minutes.
    – Blaszard
    Commented Nov 5, 2017 at 9:40

If you do not have access of associated email or your account is not linked with Facebook. You can not recover your account. See Instagram help:

If you can't access the email you registered with and you didn't link your Instagram account to Facebook, we're not able to give you access to this account.

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