My goal is to retrieve the "Clôture de la veille" number (90,050 €) from this webpage : https://www.easybourse.com/action-cours/renault/intraday/FR0000131906-25

In Google Sheets, when using the IMPORTXML formula, it returns 0€ instead of 90,050€. Here is my formula: =value(IMPORTXML("https://www.easybourse.com/action-cours/renault/intraday/FR0000131906-25","//span[@id='cours_dernier_veille']"))

Can you please explain to me why Google Sheets is returning a wrong value?

  • Sure but do you have any idea why the IMPORTXML is blank? Commented Nov 8, 2017 at 10:57

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IMPORTXML is only able to read values on the source code of the page but the value you are looking for isn't there, it's added by something that modify the DOM (document object model).

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