I'm trying to add a new workplace on Facebook. My current employer has a Facebook page (/insironinformatika), but I can't add it as my employer (in the work and education panel). I tried so far:

  1. Typing part of it's name ("Insiron"), but nothing.
  2. Copying it's ID (257036897772224), but nothing.
  3. Trying it's vanity URL ("insironinformatika"), but nothing.

Every time I press ENTER after typing something (something that's related to the name/ID/URL), I see a "The employer you entered is not valid." error.

How can I add it?

(Interesting fact, that I have a friend/colleague who has added it successfully)

  • Did you try entering full name and waiting for few seconds?
    – serenesat
    Nov 9, 2017 at 12:18

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Sometimes the Facebook 'intellisense'/'auto-complete' isn't very responsive/exhaustive. In the employer field, try typing in the EXACT name of your Facebook page and hit 'enter'. It should show up.


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