I would like to numbers formatted as 'durations' together using a formula in a Google Sheets cell. If it was two numbers it would be very simple...

=1+2 would show as 3

but if I do this...

=00:10:00+0:20:00, I get an #error

I've tried =(00:10:00)+(0:20:00) and =DURATION(00:10:00)+DURATION(00:20:00) but they also come out as #error. Looking around the docs and reference material I can't see how you handle durations in this way.

I know I could have each duration in two different cells and use a third cell to add them together but the way my Sheet is organised this doesn't work for me.


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Format the resulting decimal as DURATION


Using TIMEVALUE as suggested in @TheMaster's answer will convert e.g. 25:00:00 to 01:00:00.

If you don't want that sort of behaviour, but want the hours to continue counting beyond 24 hours, then you can also do:


If you format the cell as DURATION, then this will result in:


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