There's a link on this page http://www.intelligencesquared.com/events/catholic-church to the "Intelligence Squared podcast", but it's some strange link that works only in iTunes. I have Rhythmbox. Can anyone find the actual RSS feed? I assume there's an RSS feed in there somewhere.

  • There's a distinction between US and British here; both are named "intelligence squared" with the US provided, I think, through NPR as below and the British is via NPR. I can only find the British series on YouTube but can't seem to find a subscription... – Thufir May 19 at 4:30

NPR provide a podcast of Intelligence Squared debates here:


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  • Perhaps you can share some of the details described in the podcast? – Jacob Jan Tuinstra Jan 4 '13 at 18:07

I booted into Windows, downloaded iTunes, subscribed to the podcast, right-clicked on the podcast and selected "Copy podcast URL". Pasted into a browser address bar, and had a look at it. It's http://iq2.podbean.com/feed/. And this feed is linked to from http://iq2.podbean.com/. The "subscribe in iTunes" button there is the normal type, which links to the feed directly, using the itpc: pseudo-protocol which Rhythmbox also understands.

So I booted back into Ubuntu and subscribed without difficulty.

I really don't understand why the main IQ2 site can't have a normal link like that, instead of making us jump through hoops.

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It may be that their RSS feed is not publicly accessible and they only want you to get it via iTunes.

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    I get it on my Windows machine and my Windows Phone 8 device, just have to use the NPR feed. – Wayne In Yak Jan 4 '13 at 21:34

For clarity, posting details for the answer.

the podcast:


The feed:


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