I'm new to working with the GA Embed API. When I execute the following query:

 var timeline = new gapi.analytics.googleCharts.DataChart({
        reportType: 'ga',
        query: {
            'dimensions': 'ga:hour',
            'metrics': 'ga:goal1Completions',
            'start-date': '2017-11-21',
            'end-date': '2017-11-21',
        chart: {
            type: 'TABLE',
            container: 'timeline',
                colors: ['#e0440e', '#e6693e', '#ec8f6e', '#f3b49f', '#f6c7b6']

I see the following results:

Results examples

I have changed goal1 to goal2: there are no differences between my Embed table and Query Explorer. I get the expected results with goal2completions.

Settings in Query Explorer:

Settings in Query Explorer

Analytics overview

Can someone tell me why I'm not seeing my expected results?

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