I am new to Twitter. I want to receive a notification (via email, or desktop) every time someone that I follow tweets. But I do not have a phone (yet), so I can't use that for notifications.

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    Have you looked at Tweetdeck?
    – ale
    Dec 1, 2017 at 2:34

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You can use IFTTT (IF This Then That) to get an email every time someone tweets (or you can set to receive daily digest). Login to IFTTT (if you don't have then create one) and use a 'recipe':

Note: I have not used this, so you have to do all research and experiments.


Twitter won't natively email you a notification when someone you follow tweets. You can use Twitter's API to craft a script or extension that will do that for you, or you can use one that someone else has already made, such as Twitter Notifier for Chrome or Full Client for Twitter (both for Chrome).

As always, be cautious when installing any add-ons, and always check the permissions that they require.


Thank you serensat, but that program is for android, and i do not have a phone. But however thanks to you i found "Microsoft flow", which is like ifttt, but for windows. So if anyone wants, just use Microsoft flow. Also i will mark your question as good because you helped me find.

EDIT: you can actually just use IFTTT on bluestacks or a similar program, set the settings up, then, delete bluestacks or something.

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